About sexologist Margrethe Salvesen Klippenberg

Who am I?

Well, who I am? My purpose in life is to bring healing, light and love to other humans my path crosses on this earthly journey, as an extention of the previous one and as preparation for the next.

Im a human being, woman, mother of three boys, mistress, free sexual, monogamous, Norwegian with viking ancestors, naturally blond. educated, humble, a great space holder and passionate about living a turned on life.

My education is in the field of sexology and social work.

Bachelor and Masterdegree in social work
Cerified Sexologist
Specialization in sexual abuse and trauma

I have been working in various fields as a therapist, coach, leader within the field of child protective services and mental health care institutions.

Im the author of “secrets of the rainbow forest”, a fairytale book for children about diversity, sexual development and sexuality in general. Im also the host of the podcastseries sex (for now only in Norwegian), and I organize retreats in female empowerment both in Norway and Gambia.

I currently work in the field of holistic sexology and social work with 1-1 sessions, lectures, workshops, retreats and online learning platforms in various forms. I teach at the University about sexuality and disability, I do sexual education in all levels and I offer a variety of topics such as:

  • Prevention of sexual abuse against children
  • Teenagers guide to a sexpositive lifestyle
  • Guidance to caregivers and parents dealing with challenging sexual behaviours
  • Sexpositive upbringing
  • And much, much more …

1-1 online sessions and packages

I offer worldwide 1-1 sessions online for people wanting to explore, heal and self develop in the field of sexual health and wellbeeing.

I specialize in the following areas:

  • Healing from trauma
  • Mental health and sexuality
  • Reigniting your libido
  • Self-pleasure & self-love rituals
  • Strengtheing your sexual self- image and confidence
  • Awakening your orgasmic potential
  • Embodyment of your inner slut and priestess
  • Shame and guild regarding sexuality
  • Diversity and inclucivity
  • Exploring polyamory or monogamy
  • Parental learning platforms regarding children and teenagers sexuality
  • Our projections as practitiones working with sexual health questions and
  • how to manage our own sexual baggage
  • Womb health and healing with yoni eggs, crystal pleasure wands and yoni steaming rituals
  • Manifesting and living a turned on life


Coaching session 45 minutes
A 1:1 session can be a life changing experience, but if you are deeply committed in working through some layers for real transformation and growth I recommend one of my packages.
* Each coaching session is 45 minutes in length and via Skype or Zoom.
Prices in NOK: 1500kr.

The 1 month package
4 1-1 sessions online
Weekly email support
Weekly homework and journaling questions
5000 nok

The 3 month package:
6 1-1 online sessions
Weekly email support
Weekly homework and journaling questions
9000 nok

The 6 month package:
12 1-1 online sessions
Weekly email support
Weekly homework and journaling questions
15 000 nok

ONLINE workshops and events

Learning platform for parents

“Secrets of the rainbow forest” a parental learning platform abouts sexual development, diversity, inclucivity, how to talk to your kids about sex, embodiment of pleasure, boundaries and consent.

FREE webinar

“A better lover”
08.10.20 kl. 17.00 via zoom

The mindful sex guide

Receive weekly content on this online journey in reconnecting, reclaiming and rediscover your sexuality, your desires and embody a turned on lifestyle.

How to use mindfulness and meditation in your mindful sex routine
Create your own sacred space for healing, recharging and downloadning
Reconnection with your body and pleasure sensations
Download my e – book “the mindful sex guide”
Increase pleasure, sexual energy and be sexually vibrant
Live sexually authentic and turned on by your life

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Retreats in Norway and Gambia

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